Sights in Ireland

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Ireland, also known as the emerald island, is rich in natural beauty. Ireland Sights offer green hills, shamrocks, old historic castles and cathedrals, along with nice, friendly Irish hospitality.

Dublin Castle

You will probably start your Ireland tour from Dublin, as Dublin has the only international airport. Once you are in Dublin, you don't want to miss the sight of the very old and historic Dublin Castle. The castle was originally built by the Vikings in 13th century CE. Over the years, this castle was used as the military fortress, court, treasury and prison house.

Blarney Castle

Blarney Castle is world famous for its beauty and grandness. Blarney is a small village situated close to Cork city. This castle was originally built way back in 1210 CE. The castle was completed in 1446 by Dermot McCarthy. McCarthy was the owner of the castle till Oliver Cromwell took control of this in the middle of the 17th Century. It was later given back to McCarthy’s by the end of that century. The Blarney Castle and the estate are very well maintained. The stunning view of the lush green Irish countryside from the top of the castle will make you spellbound. The famous Blarney stone and the Blarney house nearby are also huge crowd pullers for the glorious history and myth attached with them.

Giant’s Causeway, Belfast

Belfast is the gateway to north Ireland. Belfast offers an array of fascinating spots for the tourists to enjoy, namely, Titanic rock and pump house, Ulster Folk Museum and Crown Liquor Salon. Giant’s Causeway is also a unique sight. About 37000 pillars, all in the shape of a honeycomb carved out of volcanic basalt rocks, are found lying along hundreds of yards from the shoreline to the sea. The stones were made by the Finn McCool, so that he could reach the Island of Staffa from Ireland where his love used to live. The causeway is so vast and large, that Spanish thought it to be a castle, and they even attacked this place with a canon. Further, during the 17th century, just near to this place, one of ships of the famous Spanish Armanda was drowned after it hit a rock.


Killarney had been a tourist destination since 15th century, and the influx of visitors doubled after it was connected by railroad in 19th century. Killarney is a pure tourist spot, known all over for its natural beauty. Ross Castle, just outside Killarney and the Killarney lakes, offer a treat to the eyes. Hiking in the Purple or Tomies Mountain through the Gap of Dunloe is an exciting and dramatic experience. You must not miss the hidden sixty foot Torc waterfall here.

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Mourneview Park, Lurgan

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Mourneview Park is located in the town of Lurgan, a picturesque and welcoming town located just off the shores of Lough Neagh, in the County of Armagh, Northern Ireland.

It is the home of Glenavon Football Club, the foremost Football Club in Ireland, and is well worth a visit as the best Football (Soccer) Ground to be found in Ireland.

Marvel at the large Floodlights, which when lit, illuminate not only Mourneview Park itself, but also large areas of County Armagh. The Floodlights can be seen from Coleraine, in County Londonderry, on a clear day.

It is more..

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openingHours:Every Other Saturday, 3pm - 4.45pm
address:Mourneview Park, Mourneview Avenue, Lurgan

Skellig Michael

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Skellig Michael is a rock island off the southwest coast of Ireland.  Local fishermen take adventurers out and drop them off at the base of the cliffs to climb 1000 year old stone steps up to the beehive huts once inhabited by monks.  Steep cliffs, lots of puffins, and a breathtaking view of the Irish coast are to be gained through this off-the-beaten-path experience.  Read Sun Dance by Geoffrey Moorhouse for a history of the Skelligs.

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Newgrange is a Megalithic Passage Tomb that dates about 5, 000 years old.  It's about an hour north of Dublin on the road to Belfast.  I really enoyed my visit there a few years ago....


This piece of arcitecture pre dates the pyramids of giza.......  it's still waterproof after 4000 years and every year on the winter soltice at sunrise, the sun enters a "window" above the door and illuminates the entire inside... the arictects must have been amazing mathamaticians...........     cannot stress too much how more..

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arigna county roscommon coal mining place

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