Kilkenny Travel Guide

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Kilkenny is one of Ireland's most beautiful medieval cities. Narrow streets, a great castle on a hilltop and many old buildings make the town a lot of fun to stroll around.

From 1641 to 1650 Klikenny was the centre of power of an attempt of the Irish resistance to unite against the English. The Confederation of Kilkenny had its own parliament in town.

This beautiful city, located just north of Waterford (where Waterford Crystal is made) is in the south-central region of Ireland.

In the City Centre, a number of small bed-and-breakfasts are there to serve you, as well as a budget hostel.  Either are very safe, and affordable to those on a budget. The hostel has a great atmosphere, kind staff, and an excellent location to wander the streets from.

Kilkenny Castle - the author was unable to walk into it because of the lines, but was amazed by the sheer beauty of it.  The Kilkenny Design Centre across the street from it has some great shopping.

Kyteler's Inn - Kieran Street (at the foot of  Butter Slip) Alice Kyteler was tried and convicted of witchery way back, and her whole family and staff were burned for it.  This tavern is the same building she had lived in, and serves possibly the best food found in Ireland.

Club 52 - near John Quay (near the River Nore), this nightclub was opened a few years back and is packed with people in the evening.  One of the special features of this bar is that the bar's inside is rumored to be made with remains from an actual French church that had been destroyed (mostly) in WWII.  The Gothic period architecture remains, with damage still apparent from its rugged appearance.

The Pump House: A pub located across from the hostel, you're bound to make some new friends and learn some interesting things about kilkenny andthe current state of Irish society. Not for the faint of heart, the crowd here is young and full of energy.


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