Top 5 Must Do's in Dublin

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Dublin is many cities housed in one and is a rich historical and monarchial quarter that is equally applauded for its spirited nightlife and breathtaking natural beauty. This guide offers visitors great ideas on the attractions and activities in this eclectic Irish Capital.

1. The Dublin City Pub Crawl

You can’t leave Dublin without taking a pub crawl tour through the famous Irish Pubs of the region. The tour meets at Porterhouse and visits the most true-blue traditional pubs of the region for helping visitor’s indulge in special drinks, beer sampling sessions and instructions on bar etiquette along with Guinness pouring lessons and entertainment in special VIP clubs. All this in the backdrop of rustic Irish music and a great opportunity to hobnob with locals.

2.  Sightseeing Dublin Style

Take a charming historical walk through Dublin’s ancient gems to get a dose on Ireland’s rich cultural legacy. The group meets at the Trinity College entrance and is expertly guided by students from the university who offer extremely interesting and engaging accounts of the region’s facts and history. A must do for the skillful conversational and guiding abilities of the students. Visitors can also take an open top bus tour through the city attractions and book with their hotel in advance. Another quirky way of discovering the town is by going on a Dublin Ghostbus, a one of a kind tour in the world that takes visitors on a deadly gothic designed bus through the haunted spots of Dublin and is led by guided storytellers offering freaky accounts of real events. Definitely not for the weak hearted.

3. Dublin's Rock N Roll, Writers Bus Tour

This one’s a really off-beat tour of Dublin’s rich music and literary legacy. The group leaves from Westmoreland St. four times a day an includes U2, Oscar Wilde, Van Morrison, Thin Lizzy Joyce and Rory Gallagher in the itinerary. The tour costs €15 per person.

4. Old Jameson Distillery

Take a guided factory trip of the famous distillery that offers fantastic whiskey sampling sessions. Watch the smooth liquor being blended and distilled while several instructional sessions are being conducted and audio visuals are being played to acquaint visitors with the art of fine distilling.

5. Phoenix Park Bike Hire

Hire a mean machine from Paul and Kelly and go on a thrilling bilking trail through the lush beauty of  Phoenix Park. There are more than eighty bikes and a string of the most sophisticated accessories all included in the rental price. A great way to discover the panoramic charm of Phoenix Park.

Dublin is kaleidoscope of stunning natural vistas, imposing stately monuments and a bustling pub culture.

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