Doolin Travel Guide

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Doolin is a small village, that actually comprises three groupings of settlement spread out over a couple of miles. Roadford, Headfort, and Doolin. You can easily walk anywhere you need here.

Doolin ends at the pier where the rocky limestone of the Burren meets the thrashing blue waters of the Atlantic, look to the South and you can see the Cliffs of Moher.

Although in the past few years of Irish wealth many holiday homes have cropped up where there was once nothing but fields and cows ther eis still charm to this rogueish little clustering of houses and pubs.

Doolin is know for traditional Irish music and just about every night of the week you will be able to catch a seisun somewhere. There are only three pubs here, so just go check them all out. Though O'Connor's has a regular seisun about 9:30 every night of the week, and a Sunday afternoon one as well.

There are no banks or ATM machines in Doolin, be prepared by stopping at the closest bank of Ireland and ATM in Ennistymon on the way up from Shannon.

There are two  fine hostels as well as an internet cafe that is open seasonally. It is quite affordable to rent a holiday cottage for a week, and use Doolin as a base camp to explore most of Clare, North Kerry and North into Galway.

From late Spring through earl yAutumn you can also catch a boat to the Aran Islands down at the pier, or take a boat tour to the Cliffs of Moher.

Doolin mostly is a fantastic place to slow down, breath i the fresh sea air, explore the lunar landscape of the Burren, and sing along in the pub or listen to some great fiddle with your pint of plain.

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