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Door in Dalkey

Alex Sokolow

Dalkey is a small village south-east of Dublin, with a particularly scenic location and home to many well-heeled people who commute to the city centre each day. It can be reached via a half-hour DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transport) ride from Dublin's Pearse Station, and makes a nice side trip from the city.

The centre of town is agreeably quaint, with an impressive variety of restaurant and cafe offerings like the 'country bake or Idlewilde' as well as the typical pub fare. Helpful maps are near the train station that suggest a pleasant walking tour of the area. This includes several castles: Goat Castle and Archbold's Castle, dating from the 12th century.

Following the winding streets east away from the town centre will bring you to a point with a striking vista of a uninhabited island. Dalkey Island has the ruins of 18th century fortresses, and a church that is earlier still. There is a small lookout point near a rock-walled cove for boats, called Coliemore Harbour, which makes a pleasant spot to sit and enjoy the scenery.

Not far away is Sorrento Park, a nearly-hidden park set on a steep but small hill offering views not just of the island but also up the picturesque coastline. All in all, it's hard to conceive of a better day's respite from the pubs.


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