Blarney Travel Guide

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Blarney Castle

Blarney Castle


Blarney is around 5 miles away from Cork, Ireland, on the southeastern coast of the country. Blarney itself is a small village in the countryside of Ireland. The beautiful woodlands in which Blarney sets makes for an amazingly peaceful visit. There are up to 200,000 tourists each year while the population of the village Blarney is only 2,000, but locals are still very kind to tourists.

What to Do

Easily the most popular tourist attraction and activity is kissing the Blarney Stone on Blarney Castle. The stone is said to have been crafted by a witch and the tale goes, whoever kisses this stone will be granted the "gift of gab" (eloquent yet outgoing speech that's bound to get one far in life). The castle is on over a thousand acres of woodland.

Blarney is also a nice, quiet place to do a little shopping. One of the best places to shop in the village is the Blarney Wollen Mills. This shop began in 1824 as a water-powered mill that made fabric crafts, especially wool and tweed, for local and export sales. While sales got worse and worse for the mill, a former mill worker had just started up a souvenir shop on wheels, as he was not able to afford a building. After many disputes with the bank, Mr. Kelleher was finally able to purchase the shop. This shop as everything from crystal ware to music to clothing. The prices are not outrageous and you can get gifts to take back home to your family and friends. 

Where to Stay

The Blarney Castle hotel is located close to Blarney Castle and is rated at a 3-star level (4 stars is the highest rating in Europe). Each room in this hotel has satellite television, a telephone that you can call international from, internet (via ethernet cable), a coffee maker with coffee and tea, and you will have an extensive breakfast menu to choose from that changes seasonally. Rooms start at $78 per night (except July and August which are a bit more expensive) and include a full breakfast. Look at their site,, for more offers.

The Ashlee Lodge is a large country home where you can rent rooms. They offer 10 bedrooms with the most comfort for the price, even down to their Egyptian cotton sheets and wide screen televisions. You will also have free wireless internet. Prices start around $99 per night. Visit their website for more available offers.

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