People in Iceland

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The Icelandic people are highly intelligent, exceptionally literate but can be cool and cautious at first towards foreigners yet fascinated as to your reasons for visiting their remote island outpost. Icelanders are quite proud of their heritage and technological and economic achievements in their chilly but beautiful country, and this patriotism is quite noticeable to foreigners. However, Icelanders are generally friendly and polite if somewhat reserved, and will open up in conversations.

Since roughly 190,000 souls of the total population of 300,000 live in the Reykjavik metropolitan area, there is quite a distinction between the urban population and those that live in the remote villages that rarely exceed a population of 1,000. Particularly, a kind of rivalry can be found between the inhabitants of Reykjavik and those of the country's second town, Akureyri (roughly 15,000 inhabitants), which is supposed to be less cosmopolitan and fancy than the capital. In general, Reykjaviks citizens will likely appear a little more reserved and self conscious than the more down to earth rurals, although of course this is a generalization.

Some of the Viking settlers brought with them Irish slaves, therefore Icelanders are a mix of tall, blonde, fair-haired (occasionally red-headed) and blue-eyed. This is best seen on weekend nights where the streets of Reykjavik turn into one huge catwalk with very well groomed, well styled and stunningly beautiful locals cruising the bar and club scene.

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