When to Go in Hungary

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Enjoy Hungary at its Peak

It is important to consider several things in your Hungary when to go plan. Hungary is a landlocked country which is located in the center of continental Europe. It is a very beautiful country that is blessed with four different seasons. The climate in Hungary makes this particular country very interesting as the scenic views change along with its seasons.

Winter Sports: November to January

Winter in Hungary can be very harsh considering that the temperature can drop as low as 29 degrees C; the country is the best place to experience winter sporting events. In fact, Hungary holds small ice skating competitions which are held in a city park called Városliget from November to February. This particular competition is usually attended by locals but foreigners are also invited to participate in the skating competitions. You can also head off to Kékestetõ, Mátraszentlászló, Bánkút and Mátraszentistván to enjoy a ski trip.

Budapest Spring Festival

This festival began in 1981 to commemorate Budapest's, Hungary's capital city, cultural heritage. The Budapest Spring Festival is usually celebrated in the last two weeks of March, annually. This celebration is also known as the "festival of festivals" because it used to cover a wide range of artistic activities. Now, the emphasis of the festival is known for its symphony orchestra concerts, ballet and opera performances that are always held in the most important concert halls and theaters.


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