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View of Valley Bridge and countryside

View of Valley Bridge and countryside

Jim Szabo

An easy day trip from Lake Balaton Vaszprem is much less touristy than the resorts around the lake. It's quiet streets belie it's long religious and royal history. At it's heart is Castle Hill a winding road leading from Ovaros ter surrounded by beautiful 18th century buildings to the stunning views from Worlds End. Along the way you can enjoy the rebuilt Heroes Gate, take in the firewatch tower (maybe not the equal of Sopron's but still a delight to climb - the ticket also allows entry into the cluster of galleries at its base) the Piarist church and as the road opens into a square, the Bishop's Palace and the Cathedral of St. Michael. Sadly the two chapels offer little to the casual observer. The view from World's End north to Herend and to the outcrop known as Benedict Hill are spectacular. Away from Castle Hill the Dezso Laczko Museum and the restored peasant house next to it are also worth a quick stop.


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