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Hungary is one of the most sought after locations in Western Europe. Hungary Sights include historical monuments, cultural heritage buildings, thermal spas and some beautiful natural wonders. There are many good places in and around Budapest, the capital of Hungary, which is a must-visit during your trip to Hungary. Hungary also boasts of eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites that are found nowhere else around the world.


Budapest, the capital of Hungary takes pride in its glorious past. Budapest is a unique European metropolitan area that blends old and new architectures with elegance. The beautiful Buda Castle was built in the Gothic style. Budapest, once located in the border of Great Roman Empire, has a plethora of imposing structures still exuding the Roman influence. The Royal Palace stands tall as the biggest and the grandest building of Budapest. The enormous size and the exquisite architecture of the Royal Palace will take your breath away. The view of the palace at night is magnificent. The Chain Bridge over the Danube serves as an example of modern structure built upon ancient architectural style. If you are interested in delving deep into the glorious past of Budapest, then you must visit the beautiful Gellert Hill and the Fishermen’s Bastion. All the buildings pertaining to the medieval period are located on the old side of the city which merged with the new city only during the last half of the 19th century. Maytas Church, situated near the palace, was constructed in 13th century CE. This church under Ottoman rule was used as a mosque by the Turks. Some parts of the church still bear the influence of the Ottoman culture. The other famous churches include St. Anne, which is a baroque-style church and Calvinist Church, which is a Neo-Gothic-style church. The biggest and the most famous of all the religious structures in Budapest is the basilica of St. Stephen. This colossal edifice can house over 8000 people.

Millenary Benedictine Abbey of Pannonhalma

Millenary Benedictine Abbey, besides being an important world heritage sight of Hungary, reveals the strong religious influence of ancient Hungary. During the late 9th century CE, the first Benedictine monks settled in Hungary and started spreading Christianity in the region. They also founded a school there. The first written document in Hungarian was also believed to be found here. This abbey and the schools have keep the antiquated Hungarian culture and tradition existing to present times.

Tokaj Wine Region

Tokaj Wine Region is the wine hub of Hungary. The low hills and the small rivers flowing between the hills provide an excellent environment for the grapes to grow. The sight of vineyards and wine cellars along the valley is awesome. The region famed for Tokaj wines in Europe for over 1000 years still continues to produce supreme quality wines.

Old Village of Holloko and Surroundings

Holloko village is preserved by the Hungary government. This village, founded during the 17th century CE, represents the typical Hungarian village before the evolution of industrialization all over Europe. 

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-The Matthias Church

-Fishermen’s bastion

- Margaret Island, Spas








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