Satoraljaujhely Travel Guide

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Pauline-piarist church

Pauline-piarist church

Agnes Molnar

Once the town of the historic Zemplen county, Satoraljaujhely is situated - by the famous Hungarian poet, Sandor Petofi - "by the foot of the incomparably beautiful Sator hills". In 1261 it was granted town privileges by King Stephen the 5th. Due to its favourable geographic position, the town began to thrive as early as the Middle Ages.
As part of the famous Hegyalja wine-producing region, Satoraljaujhely lay on the important commercial routes to Russia, Poland and Transylvania, as well as into the centre of Hungary. The town takes pride in significant historic traditions: Ferenc Rakoczi II was born in the nearby Borsi and Lajos Kossuth's political carrier was launched here. Ferenc Kazinczy, the famous neologist of the Hungarian language also worked in the town and in the nearby Szephalom.

Today Satoraljaujhely is the most northern Hungarian town. The number of its inhabitants is twenty thousand. At present, the commercial activities are on increase, but industry has failed to become dominant. The Zemplen region centre was lucky to preserve the area's clean air and natural environment. The shape of the neighbouring volcanic mountains is compared to the italian Vesuvius by visitors.
There are only few places in Hungary for the lovers of winter sports, and the Magas-hill of Satoraljaujhely is a real Paradise in this respect, where sledge- and ski-tracks await visitors. The 1,333 metre long cable lift with seats, the so-called "libegő" is also available.
The city centre has preserved the characteristic Upper Hungary small-town atmosphere. The image of the main square is shaped by the Roman Catholic Church, the Kossuth statue and the baroque  Country Hall  (today Town Hall). The water of the mountain springs comes from the Nymph-well, erected between the church and the Kossuth statue. Satoraljaujhely is a border crossing to the Republic of Slovakia.
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