Mezokovesd Travel Guide

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Women in local traditional clothes

Women in local traditional clothes

Aron Hohl

Both during the Turkish occupation of Hungary (in the 16th and 17th century) and later, the people of Mezokovesd have suffered a great deal. But being very hard working citizens they have always reconstructed their town if it was destroyed. They lived in straitened circumstances, though theirs is the most ornamented Hungarian traditional costume.
According to the legend, during the days of the skirmishing on the borders with the Turks, the enemy carried off a young lad, who was in love with a Matyo girl. The girl wanted him back, but the Sultan refused, unless she paid a special ransom.
In the depth of winter she must gather in her apron all the flowers of the forest and field. The girl solved the problem by embroidering her linen apron with all the flowers of spring and summer. The Sultan was impressed and, being a man of his word, set the young man free. Thus, the colourful Matyo folk art came into being.
There may be a grain of truth in the legend since the girls and women of Mezokovesd have embroidered the material of their clothes with many flowers (roses, tulips, carnations, daisies, lilies of the valley) and leaves throughout the centuries and this is not common in other regions of Hungary. Just as nature is unique, so one cannot find two exactly similar motifs in Matyo embroidery.

In the district of Hadas, which is noted for preserving the old Mezokovesd, there are many houses specific to the region. They are also used as activity and leisure centres. In these houses visitors may be introduced into the mysteries: how to make a doll, how to weave and spin, how to paint the furniture, how to embroider; or you can try your hand at pottery and glass-grinding.
In the Town Gallery there is a permanent exhibition made of the pieces of the colourful world of Matyo embroidery.
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