Day Trips in Hungary

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There are many great Hungary day trips possible, but one of the most emblematic places there is by no doubt the Lake Balaton – the largest lake in Central Europe. It attracts thousands of tourists every year and is frequently referred too as the Hungarian Sea.

Lake Balaton

The waters of Lake Balaton are excellent for swimming in the summer. In fact, there’s an annual contest for crossing the lake by swimming from the north shore to the south shore. The water temperature reaches up to 23 degrees Celsius. The south shores have an excellent beach and are suitable for kids, as the water is shallow and the depth increases gradually. While on the north shore, the water gets deep immediately, and you have to be an experienced swimmer.

Popular Resorts

Although there are many towns and villages on the north and south shores of Lake Balaton, you may want to stay at one of the popular resorts. These are Balatonfüred, Keszthely and Siófok. Balatonfüred is situated on the north shore of the lake and is a popular destination for yachting and fishing. Keszthely is on the west shore and offers interesting sights like the Festetics Palace and the Balaton Museum. Siófok is situated on the southeast shore of Lake Balaton and is often referred to as the “Capital of Balaton” or as the “Party Capital of Hungary”. It is the most visited tourist location from the rest and attracts mainly young people, due to its numerous dance clubs.

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