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A pretty house in the old part of town

A pretty house in the old part of town

Trikala (Greek: Τρίκαλα) is a city in northwestern Thessaly, Greece. It is the capital of the Trikala Prefecture. It is located NW of Athens, NW of Karditsa, E of Ioannina and Metsovo, S of Grevena, SW of Thessaloniki and W of Larissa.
Located in the fertile plain of Thessaly in central Greece, modern Trikala is the Homeric Trikka (or Trikki), the birthplace of three of the Argonauts and one of the places touted as the birthplace of Asclepius (Asklepios), who is more often said to have been born at Epidaurus, where his main temple was situated in antiquity. Ruins of an old sanctuary to the physician-god, an Asklepieion, or healing place, are located between the central square and the church of Saint Nicholas (Agios Nikolaos) in Trikala. It is the oldest Aesculapium of Greece - a kind of medical center, from which the worship of Aesculapius gradually spread.
There are other late Hellenistic and Roman period remains, mosaic floors, a stoa and baths. Dominated by its Byzantine fortress on Hellenistic foundations occupying the ancient Acropolis, the picturesque city is divided into two by the river Lithaios. The churches of Agios Demetrios and Agii Anargyri lend more Byzantine character to the modern town. She was captured by Ottomans at Greco-Turkish War of 1897 in April 28 for 6 months.
Trikala has also been known as the watermelon (karpouzi) capital of Greece. One of its most famous citizens is Vassilis Tsitsanis, one of the greatest musicians of modern Greece.
Trikala also has the General Hospital of the Trikala Prefecture. The Physical Education and Sport Science department of the University of Thessaly is located in Trikala. It was founded in 1994 and the first students were admitted in the academic year 1994-1995. It was housed in the Matsopoulos Park facilities and moved to the new Karyes campus on July 1999. Trikala has over 20 schools of secondary education. A modern night technical school functions in Trikala.
Since December 2005, the Municipality of Trikala offers its residents free Wireless Internet access at high speed. Currently, around 70% of the total area of Trikala has access, with a target to reach 80% within 2006. Trikala is one of the few European cities to offer such a service for free.
Trikala is also home to A.O. Trikala which is a professional football team that competed in the Greek first division as recently as the year 2000.

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