Tinos Travel Guide

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Tinos is the island of Megalohari (The Virgin Mary). The area of the island is 195 sq. Km, with a population of about 10.000 inhabitants and around 50 villages.

The name of the island is pre-Hellenic and is likely named after the first settler. It has been also correlated with th Phoenician word "Tannoth" that means snake. Tinos was called Ofioussa (Ofis means snake in Greek) for its multitude of snakes which were exterminated by Poseidon, the islands patron and Hydroussa (hydor means water in Greek) for its abundance of water and island of Aeolos for its strong northern winds.

Tinos has a lot to offer. Its beaches are breath-takening, although you'd have to walk a bit to find them!

Pay a visit to the North part of the island, especially a village called Pyrgos (means "tower" in Greek). Pyrgos is the village of artists, as it hosts the Sculpture School. The people there are very friendly, and you can eat and shop at low prices!


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