Beaches in Thessaloniki

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When you are in Thessaloniki you can stay very close to Thessaloniki at the erea Agia Triada [is about 25 km from the center of the town end 14 km from the airport Macedonia.

At this area you can found yhe best Hostel of the town

You can stay as much as you want end to have cheap end nice staying in


If you want to visit Thesaloniki you can dance salsa on the boat,Tango Argentino


end to enjoy a lot of things that you coud not beleave that there are in Thessaloniki


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Hostel Pension-Tzitzifies-Agia Triada Thessaloniki

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We are 22 km from the center of Thessaloniki, 12 km from the airport Macedonia at Agia Triada on the sea



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address:Thermaikou 39,Agia Triada,Thessaloniki 57019
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