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The village of Stoupa is located in the Exo [outer] Mani in the Greek Peleponneses. It is a popular tourist destination for British and German  tourists, but apparently fairly unknown to American tourists. It has a wonderful beach, and most of the usual tourist services.

It is part of the municipality of Lefktro, in the prefecture of Messinia. Nikos Kazantzakis wrote Zorba the Greek while he lived here and there is a large statue of him on the cliff overlooking Kalogria beach, near a taverna.

Once a sleepy little town, in the past few years more and more tourists have discovered Stoupa. There are some 20 restaurants strung out along the beach, a few small hotels, and many rental houses. Besides Greek tourists, who come mostly in August, Brits and Germans are the most frequent visitors. Few Americans have found their way to Stoupa, seeming to favor the islands. Stoupa is in a fascinating area called Mani, the only part of Greece never conquered by invaders. The Maniots built tower houses, some of which have been restored, and holed up in them carrying out local feuds.

Most people agree that the best beach in Stoupa is the Kalogria beach. The beach is sandy and the water is blue-turquoise. The most peculiar thing about it though, is that there are cold water springs pouring inside the sea so you can actually feel the temperature changing while swimming. Especially in the morning, the water can get pretty cold and very refreshing.

Mani is an area known for the great quality of olive oil, so don't be surprised by the amount of oil that is used in the greek dishes.

Stoupa is a great location for excursions. Visit nearby villages like Agios Nikolaos (a small village with great fresh fish), Kardamyli (a well preserved village) and Kalamata (the nearest town with more active nightlife).


This Stoupa travel guide will discuss various activities that the city has to offer you. Stoupa is a beautiful seaside village located on the coast of Greece. With crystal blue waters and snowy mountains in the distance, Stoupa is a breathtaking sight to see.


Stoupa is part of Lefktro in the famous region of Mani Peninsula and Messinia. Stoupa is also famous because of the well known writer Nikos Kazantzakis who met Alexis Zorbas in the city, and then wrote the novel Zorba the Greek on Alexis .

Accommodations and Resturants

Stoupa has more resorts than hotels, as the city is based on the coastline. Some of the popular hotels and resorts are Remvi Hotel, Lefktron Hotel and Villa Kosta Hotel. The city has about 20 restaurants to offer to its visitors, most of which are lined along with the beach. You can also enjoy bars and cafe’s in the city. Patriko Bar and Café and Café Mango are two of the most popular bars and cafes amongst both locals and tourists. There are many cultural activities also taking place from time to time. You can listen to local as well as western music by local bands. Many festivals also take place on the beach, and they have music festivals also organized during various parts of the year. It is best you inquire about the festivals before taking a visit to the city.

Places to Visit

As the city is along the beach, no visitor can and should miss visiting the Stoupa Beach. You can swim and enjoy the natural beauty here. You can also hire biking equipments from Stoupa Rentals, and explore the surrounding areas full of beautiful landscape and mountain ranges. You can enlist the help of guides and tour agents here. Additionally, you can also enjoy some horse riding here by visiting the nearby Proastio Riding Centre. Special lessons are also offered.

Near by Cities

Stoupa has two major places situated near to it - Olympia and Sparta. These two cities offer many historic and ancient sites. It is best to plan your visit ahead of time so that you get the chance to travel outside Stoupa and enjoy the surrounding areas.

Wherever your adventures in Greece may take you, make it a point to stop and see the brilliance of Stoupa. The beautiful waters, history and enchantment make it the perfect place to vacation.


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