Beaches Intro in Skiathos

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Skiathos beaches are among the best in the world! Skiathos is one of the most charming holiday spots in the Sporades – an incredible group of islands that lies close to the Aegean Sea’s north-west portion in Greece. What that makes the island of Skiathos special is it's enchantingly sheltered with pine forests. One of the prime reasons that draw many vacationers from across the world to Skiathos is its more than 60 sandy beaches, the majority of which are large and blessed with crystal clear waters. Most of the Skiathos beaches are a haven for water sport lovers, with clean surrounding and exceptional facilities to enjoy activities like swimming, snorkeling and fishing.


Koukounaries is probably the most popular of all beaches in Skiathos as well as Greece. With its well preserved environment and beautiful translucent deep blue waters, this beach on the south coast of the Skiathos provides opportunities for people to indulge in a number of water sport activities. A good number of top class hotels, taverns and restaurants serving delicious cuisines can be found here. Hence, it is not a wonder why this beach is acknowledged as the best beach in Greece and rated among the top ten best beaches in the world.  

Banana Beach

Another wonderful beach in the south coasts of Skiathos is Banana Beach, which is also well organized and clean, with the exception that it has an area separated by rocks exclusively for its usage by naturists and nudists.

Agistri and Xerxes

Agistri on the Mandraki Bay and Xerxes, both situated along the north coast of the city, are superb choices for those who seek peace and solitude in an amazing setting.

Elia and Asellinos

Beaches such as Elia and Asellinos are an excellent choice for those who want to have an enjoyable picnic in a relaxed, tranquil beach setting. They also have superb camping facilities.

Kastro Beach

If you are looking for something different during your beach vacation in Skiathos, one of the best options would be to take a tour to Kastro Beach. It gives you an idea of the life of Skiathitees prior to the place’s independence from Turkey.

Lalaria Beach

Lalaria Beach on the Skiathos’ north coast must not be missed if you want to take back home an interesting collection of pebbles.


Located off Skiathos, Tsougria is a sanctuary for peace lovers, and is home to three breathtaking beaches.

Beaches in and around Skiathos are not just confined to the above and also cover Kanapitsa with its exotic environment; Agia Paraskevi, which renders superb options for water skiing and jet skiing; Vromolimnos, with schools for waterskiing; Aghia Eleni Beach that appeases you with its cool soothing breeze; Asellinos beach with big waves; and Kechria beach, whose area is enshrined with Kechria Monastery. 

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