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Small Ile of the Coast

Small Ile of the Coast

Raymond Longaray

Santorini is one of the cycladic islands, created by the eruption of the volcano 1500 B.C. (thought by some to have brought about the end of the Minoan civilization and speculated by some as the famous island of Atlantis). Due to this, the island offers a versatile landscape with on the one hand steep darkish rock formations and on the other hand beaches and small white villages. Besides that, there are several interesting monuments and the active volcano of course. Thira offers, besides remnants from several eras, ruins of the old Roman baths, theatres and markets.

Santorini is a group of islands in a circle about 10 KM across - the rim of a large volcano that is still producing small islands in the center. Steep slopes lead to the central area and gentle slopes lead to the sea that circles the island. It's really a group of islands even though it is usually discussed as if it were one. Settlements are scattered around the island as a series of small villages. Bus service connects those settlements on each island and ferries connect the islands. Although bus, cab, and car are all common, the charm of the island is to walk. Scooters, for rent by the day, are an excellent option for buzzing from beach to beach.  The famous white buildings are huddled close to one another on and over the cliff of the central caldera. Hiking paths and trails lead all over the island, but a charming time can be had walking the paths that interconnect the settlements and exploring the shops. Wintertime can be pleasant with few visitors (no crowds) and gentle weather (a mixture of sunny and overcast days with temperatures reaching 70F or 20C and lows near 45F or 10C). Summertime temperatures reach 40C or 110F. Visitors can take ferry boats to the central island(s) to visit the new land and soak in hot springs. There's even a submarine for underwater viewing (not in service during the winter months).

Santorini can be reached by plane from Athens or by ferry from Piraeus and during summer time also from other islands.


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