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The prefecture of Serres is one of the 13 prefectures of the region of Macedonia, the greatest and most prosperous region of Greece. It occupies the eastern part of Macedonia and it stretches from the gulf of Strymon to the Greek Bulgarian frontiers. From the East it has common boundaries with the prefectures of Drama and Kavala and from the West with the prefectures of Thessaloniki and Kilkis. The prefecture of Serres has many plains surrounded by the mountains Kerkini, Vertisko, Kerdilia, Orvilo, Menikio, and Pagaio. The river Strimon that runs through it originates from Bulgaria and leads out in the gulf of Strimon.

Administratively the prefecture is divided into 4 provinces.

a. The province of Serres with the city of Serres as its capital.

b. The province of Visaltia with the city of Nigrita as its capital.

c. The province of Sintiki with the city of Sidirokastro as its capital.

d. The province of Fillida with the city of Nea Zichni as its capital.


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