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ancient theatre of phillipi

ancient theatre of phillipi


The city of Philippi dates back to before the time of Philip of Macedon.  Philip recognised the military importance of the ancient city, conquered it and renamed it after himself.  The ancient city set up between the hills and marshland controlled the area and kept invaders from the important port city of Kavala (Neopolis). 

Octavian and Mark Antony fought Brutus and Cassius in the valley in front of Philippi.  The successful campaign waged by Octavian and Mark Antony led to the deaths of Brutus and Cassius and sealed the fate of the Roman Republic.

The city is also famous because the famous "Letter to the Philippians" written by the Apostle Paul.  Paul was beaten and jailed in Philippi. 

The ancient ruins of the city are well preserved.  The trip up to the acropolis can be quite a struggle.  It is only 600 feet up, but you have to travel along a steep and narrow switchback trail.  The trailhead is hard to locate and the trail itself is unimproved with loose rocks everywhere. 


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