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Survival kit in Mykonos!!

1.>How do I get to Mykonos?
2.>Where to Stay in Mykonos?
3.>Where is the Mykonos Nightlife Scene?
4.>How I can get to the Mykonos Beaches?
5.>How do I get in to the Bars and Nightclubs?
6.>Is there an after hour parties in Mykonos?
7.>what sort of clothes I should wear in to a bar or nightclub?

1.>>>> In Mykonos you can get by airplane or by boat from the ports of Athens, also you can get by boat from other greek islands that they are connected with the port of Mykonos.The airport of Mykonos gets also international arrivals(charters) from all over Europe so check out if you want a direct flight from  European cities to Mykonos.

2.>>>> In Mykonos you have to Stay In Mykonos Town or nearby if you want to be in the heart of  nightlife.In Mykonos town there are plenty of hotels,appartments,rooms,studios,restaurants,bars and nightclubs.The trasportation to go to beaches can be by public bus,taxi or private vehicle that you can hire.

3.>>>> Where else! In Mykonos town of course!.Mykonos town is the capital of Mykonos nightlife where you can find everything.All the most important bars and clubs are in Mykonos town of course there are also restaurants and any other services that you will like to get: like tourist shops,cafes,clothing stores,jewelery shops,banks etc.In Mykonos town you will see a lot of promoters for clubs that they are outside from Mykonos town just dont believe them,believe in the word of mouth that is always right so you dont waiste a night in a place that can be completely empty!!
By the way Mykonos town is good cause even if a bar is empty you can do easily bar hopping!  because all the bars and clubs are really close around 50-100m from each other.

4.>>>> To  Mykonos Beaches you can get by public bus, taxi or private vehicle that you can hire.

5.>>>> In  Bars and Nightclubs you get in by paying an entrance fee that includes one drink.From bar to bar  prices  are not the same so check out first.

6.>>>>  most of the nights there are after hour parties but usually people stay in Mykonos town until 5:00 or 6:00 and then they go there.

7.>>>> You can wear any sort of clothes you feel like.Just wear something really comfortamble cause you will dance untill the morning!!


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