Lesbos Travel Guide

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ocean view from the Mytilini castle

ocean view from the Mytilini castle


Lesbos is located at a very short distance off the Turkish coast. The island is the third largest in Greece and its people traditionally made a living from fishing, farming, making cheese and growing olives, fruit and vegetables. Tourism is a comparative newcomer to the scene and accounts for only 10% of the local economy. This helps keep a traditional feel to the place.

Lesbos was the birthplace of Sappho, an ancient Greek poetess and Aesop who wrote the famed book of fables. The distinctive rocky, volcanic landscape with its plentiful oak and pine forests is dotted with thermal springs, great examples of Byzantine architecture and stunning beaches.

The capital of the island is Mytilini. The best known other resorts are Anaxos, Molyvos, and Skala Kalloni.


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