Beaches in Kavala

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Greece is famous for its golden, sandy beaches and tranquil, crystalline waters, and Kavala beaches are no exception. They are well know for being very clean and safe, and for providing a variety of amenities such as beach volleyball courts, restrooms, showers, lounge chairs and lifeguards. Most Kavala beaches are lined with beach bars, juice stands and restaurants specializing in local wines, fresh fish and other seafood.


Palio is basically a collection of beaches split up by rocky outcrops. It stretches from Tosca to Iraklitsa and is the perfect place for families to spend the day. It is clean as well as calm, that is to say, it is not as crazy as some of the other beaches that are lined with bars and partygoers. There is no actual parking area for this beach, but there are always plenty of free spaces to park nearby.


Out of all of the Kavala beaches, Ammolofoi is by far the most popular. It is usually packed with young people. The beach is a little over a mile in length and very wide, and has natural sand dunes to explore. The water is warm and clear. Nearby is the ancient castle of Anaktoroupolis, which history and anthropology buffs will thoroughly enjoy. There are beach bars and restaurants everywhere, and the beach provides lifeguards to keep you safe and water activities to keep you entertained all day long. Since Ammolofoi has practically everything a tourist could want in a beach, it tends to overshadow other nearby beaches such as Nea Peramos, which is also a large, gorgeous beach that is very accessible and has many typical fish restaurants along it.

Nea Iraklitsa

This luxury beach is in the resort area of town. Hotels, restaurants, cafes and clubs are the kings along this coast. Being quite a long beach, Nea Iraklitsa is split into two sections: the west side, which is very busy and hectic, teeming with bars and nightlife, and the east side, which is more tranquil and suitable for families. From this beach, you can go on a variety of diving tours and boating trips to the few islets along the coast. Some of them have caves that you can explore as well.


Tosca is another popular beach in the Kavala area. It is located in the center of a bay, and as most of the other beaches, has traditional fish restaurants and beach bars. It is actually part of the Tosca hotel complex, and for that reason, has a beach playground in addition to the normal amenities like restrooms and lifeguards.

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