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Kavala Aquaduct 2

Kavala Aquaduct 2

Ronald Boerjan

Kavala is a nice port city in Greece. It is where the Apostle Paul first came to Greece, but back then it was known as Neopolis. Kavala has a nice waterfront area with stores and restaurants. It also has remains of an Ottoman aqueduct built to provide water for the city's acropolis. The acropolis dates back to the Byzantine's and is well maintained.  It provides a great view of the city and harbor. 

Another popular site to see is the statue of Muhammed Ali (not the boxer). Muhammed Ali was the founder of modern Egypt, but he was born in Kavala. In front of the statue of Muhammed Ali is a great path that will take you down to the ocean and around the peninsula. 

You can catch the hydrfoil boat to the island of Thasos from the Kavala harbor. It costs 16.50 Euros and takes about 40 minutes.


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