Things to do in Kalamata

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Kalamata is a nice historical Greek town, overlooked by the dramatic Mount Taygetos and located at the tip of the Messinian Bay. Its strategic location and deep cultural identity make it a rapidly rising tourist attraction. Here are some ideas on things to do, when in this bustling Messina harbor port.

Castle of Kalamata

This is an iconic city structure that silhouettes a historic and fascinating image of Kalamata. The castle is nestled on a hill facing the sea, and inspired Aggelos Terazaki’s novel about a certain Izampo Princess who lived in the sprawling confines of the castle. There is an interesting, Byzantine-style Saint John temple at the base of the castle. It is rumored that an Ancient Pharai was once located on the ground below the castle.

Coastal Beauty

Just beneath the street connecting to the main town center is the prime coast of Kalamata, which is a buzzing tourist spot. The strip is filled with dance clubs, swimmers and groups of pedestrians strolling along the promenade aimlessly. The Navarinou Street, located to the east of the port, is a popular walking stretch for locals and tourists, and visitors can enjoy beautiful vistas of the sea from a vantage point.

Pantazopouleio Cultural Center

Pantazopouleio Cultural Center ,housed in of Aristomenous, is nice destination for art and culture lovers. One of the city’s oldest and best-loved exhibition centers and auditoriums, built in byzantine-style architecture, the property is worth seeing merely for its artistic edifice. There are regular shows, dance recitals, theatrical performances and exhibitions held at the venue.

Historical and Folkloric Museum of Kalamata

The museum, though housed in a far from impressive building, is a vast storehouse of some of finest pieces of Messinia’s history. There are objects of the region’s rebellion in 1821, along with detailed memorabilia chronicling the agricultural and commercial life of Kalamata. There are nice nuggets of information and popular folklore attached to it besides several items. Especially noteworthy is the section on the local artifacts that house beautiful ceramic figurines.

Town Historical Center

Nothing can give you the true feel of Kalamata more than a walk through its historical quarters in the old town center. Start with the Saint Apostles Church, a 14th century structure built by Emperor Andronicus that boasts of a very rich history. Proceed to the old Municipal Library, housing pieces of art that were donated after the terrible earthquake of 1986. There are other structures like erstwhile homes, and stately buildings and a Municipal Conservatoire that plays host to several live musical concerts on weekends.

Kalamata is a pleasant cultural holiday destination, that though not acutely fancy and touristy, still has some beautiful monuments, museums and a stunning coastal front that is waiting to be explored.

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