Shopping in Kalamata

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Kalamata, which sits above the Messina Bay on the southern end of Greece, is a popular tourist destination and a beautiful city. In addition to the beautiful waters of the bay, Kalamata has some rich history. While the city of Kalamata itself, unlike many of Greece's major cities, is not particularly ancient, the region itself is rich in history, having laid at times under Venetian, Turkish and Greek rule. Nowadays the main attractions of Kalamata are the historical church buildings and the coast, which bustles with activity, particularly in the summer.

Historical Center

The heart of Kalamata, the historical center clearly showcases the rich history of this city, where sights include the Saint Apostles church, the Temple of the Visitation of the Savior and, of course, the Castle of Kalamata. More importantly, however, the historical district of the city is home to some great shopping, especially for those of us who enjoy one-of-a-kind, handcrafted items. The historical section is filled with small shops and boutiques where you can find some great souvenirs to take home.

Aristomenous Street

While downtown Kalamata is filled with stores and great places to shop, by far the highest concentration can be found on Aristomenous Street, which lies just to the south of the historical district. A great place to spend an afternoon, some of the city's best shopping is on this street, along with some great restaurants and cafes. Starting just above the bay, Aristomenous Street runs north/south, cutting through the center of downtown. At the southern end lies Teloniou Square, a great place to start your walk up Aristomenous Street, although you should plan on continuing at least as far as Georgiou Square to the north if you want to see the best of the shopping.

Gift Shops

Kalamata is home to some great museums, and because of the history of this area, and of Greece in general, the museum gift shops should not be overlooked as a place to pick up some top-notch souvenirs. The Benakeion Archaelologicla Museum of Kalamata, located at the corner of Benaki and Papazoglou Streets. Other museums worth visiting and shopping at include the History and Folklore Museum of Kalamata, located at 12 Aghiou Ioannou Street and Kyriakou Street and the Kalamata Military Museum, which is located on 10 Mitropolitou Meletiou Street and houses military artifacts from the 19th century through to modern times.

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