Nightlife and Entertainment in Kalamata

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Kalamata is a great place to holiday in. It is dominated by the 13th century castle that was built to overlook the town. There are many cultural events and festivals that take place throughout the year. Everyone is invited to these festivals. Besides, there are splendid beaches where one can sea bathe and swim and indulge in other water sports. Additionally, this area has many museums that are a good tourist attraction and well worth the time spent in visiting them.

Eating Out

Eating out is not a problem in Kalamata as it has many eateries both in the main town and in the Marina area. The nightlife too is great, though the era of the disco has passed. To Kibob tu poly should be rated one of the best restaurants in the world. They serve amazingly good pita bread.

Taverna Tzamaika is a little farther away from the main town. However, the food served there is very appetizing and it is a place that should be visited for dinner.


Palladium is a chic, upscale discotheque that attracts the well-heeled locals as well as tourists. The DJs play hot techno-sounds for patrons to dance away their blues. The dance floor is surprisingly spacious and the snacks served here along with the drinks are scrumptious.


San Nikolas Pista-Go Cart is on the western beach of Kalamata. This go-cart racing track is easy to spot and is a great place to spend your evenings. Next to the track is an unnamed bar in a converted massive ship. This, too, is a fantastic place to visit.


Elite Hotel has a beach front bar that you can sit at and watch the sunset. Sunsets in Kalamata are truly magnificent sights and should not be missed.


Every summer there are cultural events such as plays and concerts put on in the amphitheater near the castle. If you are there in the summer make inquiries and attend at least one of these events. In summer evenings the entire town comes alive and there are eateries on every corner and road offering a wide variety of appetizing fare.

With all these attractions Kalamata offers something for everyone. Even the most experienced traveler will find something here to keep himself entertained.

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