Getting There in Kalamata

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Kalamata is located in southern Greece and is the capital of the prefecture of Messenia. One of the most important claims to fame of Kalamata is that this city is mentioned in a couple of poems by the Greek philosopher Homer.

Getting to Kalamata by Car

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If you're driving within Greece, Kalamata is a 238 kilometer drive away from Athens. First take the Route 8 heading east for about 72 kilometers and you will eventually merge with the E94 highway. On the E94 you will drive for about 8 kilometers until you see the exit for the E65/E952/Kalamatas-Tripoleos Take the E65/E952 stretch for about 20 kilometers until you see the exit for E65. Finally, you take the Artemidos exit and you will enter the Kalamata city limits.

Closer cities to Kalamata are Kyparissia (just a 60 kilometer drive), Tripoli (an 80 kilometer drive) and Sparta (another short 60 kilometer drive).

Getting to Kalamata by Plane

The city of Kalamata is served by the Kalamata International Airport (IATA airport code: KLX). This airport operates mainly during the summer. Flights are very limited at other times. The cheapest route to go to Kalamata is through Thessaloniki. Unfortunately, discount airline Ryan Air does not offer flights to Kalamata or any other city in Greece.

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By Rail from Athens

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Narrow gauge rail with new trains going through the countryside and small country villages and small towns.

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