Getting Around in Kalamata

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Welcome to Kalamata

Kalamata is known around Europe, especially in Greece, for its great weather and rich cultural traditions. As an important port city in Greece, Kalamata has its own international airport (IATA airport code: KLX), its own harbor, and its own major system of public transportation. Major landmarks of Kalamata are the Benakeion Museum, the Castle of Kalamata and the Temple of the Epicurian Apollo.

Getting Around Kalamata by Car

If you're planning to rent, purchase or borrow a car, having an international driver's license helps a lot for processing necessary paperwork. It's best to apply for an international driver's license in your country of origin as it may be harder to get it once in Greece. Holders of a European driver's license need not to worry about obtaining an international driver's license as ones issued by countries in the European Union are readily accepted around Greece. When looking for a parking spot around Kalamata, make sure to check street signs for parking hours and rules. Avoid unnecessary parking fines during your stay in Kalamata. When visiting Kalamata, travel to the nearby cities of Kyparissia, Tripoli and Sparta.

Getting Around Kalamata by Bus and Metro

The bus and metro system of Kalamata is quite reliable. Make sure to check local stations for routes and times. If you are planning to use the metro or bus extensively during your stay in Kalamata, it may be worthwhile to get a weekly or monthly pass. If you plan on moving around, there is also a bus system to the neighboring cities of Tripoli and Kyparissia.

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