Festivals in Kalamata

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Kalamata, the main port city of Messenia prefecture, is also the second largest city in Peloponnese periphery, Greece, and given its rich culture and heritage, there are several Kalamata festivals that they commemorate every year. Famous worldwide for its native dance, beaches and olives, figs, pasteli and silk kerchief, the city is easily accessible by all means of transport.

Kalamata International Dance Festival

A key event held every year in the city's International Dance center, the festival promotes the art of dance. This festival promotes both established and new choreographers and performers alike. The main focus remains in bringing to light the different trends in contemporary dance in Greece. Also, as a part of this festival, workshops and seminars are targeted at the professionals and students. Several important artists take part in this dance festival. This festival attracts several tourists worldwide to Kalamata to witness this grand event. The festival is spread over 10 days and held every summer, making it one festival that you cannot afford to miss on your visit to Kalamata during summer.

Festival Miden

Festival Miden is an annual event held at Kalamata, Greece every year. This new media cultural event is a video art festival which is presented in public open space. The festival aims at promoting and presenting free videos on development of Greece and international video arts. Several students and budding artists are also invited to participate in the Festival Miden.  This is one other festival that you cannot afford to miss if you love media and arts.

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Kalamata Street Festival

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Kalamata Street Festival began having two parallel goals. The first one was the use and promotion of urban open spaces with activities that foster social cohesion and give added value to the cultural development for the city, whilst the second was the development of the creativity of the participants as well as to offer them spaces, where they can express freely, utilising their skills and interests. Street Arts was and is always the free expression of artists through painting, theatre, music, dance etc. in spaces, where everyone has access and choose to participate or more..

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