Eating Out in Kalamata

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While sunny Kalamata is somewhat off the radar when it comes to foreign tourists, it´s a major holiday destination for Greeks living on the mainland. As such, it boasts no end of pleasant beachfront restaurants catering to holidaymakers´needs, and stiff competition means that prices are very competitive. The olives of Kalamata are legendary the world over, so don´t miss the opportunity to sample some--they are easy to come by in almost all Kalamata´s bars and restaurants

Superior Seafood

As one would expect for a fishing neighborhood, seafood here is excellent, and there are lots of places to sample wonderfully fresh seafood. A plate of sardines washed down with a glass of ouzo (the local tipple) is an inexpensive pleasure, particularly when enjoyed as the sun sets over the bay.

Traditional Treats

There is plenty of opportunity to sample traditional Greek cuisine while on holiday in Kalamata. The beachfront is lined with restaurants that range from simple to sophisticated, and most of them offer traditional Greek mezze (similar to Spanish tapas-- little plates to share). The 'cheese salad´ that is typical of the region is in fact a type of pate and very highly recommended. Other typical dishes include fresh hummus and, for meat eaters, slices of freshly roasted boar.

International Options

Like most tourist towns, Kalamata has an increasing number of restaurants offering international dishes as well as traditional local food. Pizza restaurants are dotted along the beach front, and there are several Turkish and Italian spots. Many of the trendier bar-restaurants serve Pan-National 'contemporary cuisine,´ and there are American-style burger joints popping up all over Kalamata, from the beach front to the center.

Bargain Bites

The most expensive spots to eat in Kalamata are along the beach front and by the Marina. If you walk a couple of blocks back from the beach, you´ll find scores of relaxed, unpretentious bars and restaurants serving delicious fresh seafood and snacks for very reasonable prices. Spanikopita, which is a filo pastry layered with feta cheese and spinach, is a delicious and inexpensive snack.

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Ta Rolla

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A few words about the restaurant ... The restaurant was founded in 1924 by "Uncle John", who had returned from the US where he worked as an immigrant. The restaurant is still family owned and recently renovated by the grandson of "Uncle John" George Athanasopoulos, who is the new owner. It is located in the center of the city near the main food market and the bus station. It is also one of the few restaurants in Messinia that have the label "Greek cuisine" by the ESOs and the EEC. This is a proof of the high quality and fresh ingredients. In our restaurant you can enjoy more..

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address:53 Spartis street ( Historical center)
PriceOfMenu:appx 10 Euro per person

Sotiris tavern

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Sotiris tavern is situated in Manis' village Megali Mantineia in green surroundings with panoramic views of the Messinian gulf.We invite you to taste our traditional dishes cooked with authentic raw materials in wood burning ovens.

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address:Megali Mantineia
PriceOfMenu:approx. 11Euros per person

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