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Kalamata, the capital city of Messinia in Greece, is a beautiful seaside town. It is well known for the figs, olive oil and olives that are produced here, and has also become a sought after vacation destination because of its beautiful coastline and rich history. Kalamata was liberated from the Turks fairly early in the Greek war for Independence, and unlike many Greek cities, the history of this seaside town does not date from the classical period. The rule of the Venetians is still in evidence in parts of the city, although a major earthquake in 1986 ravaged much of the city. Kalamata's waterfront is the lively home to numerous shops and cafes, and you can find some great seafood here.

Mediterranean Cruises

The Mediterranean has become one of the major locations for European cruises, with its temperate climate, beautiful waters and access to some of the most interesting and exciting cities in Europe and the Middle East. Since the Suez Canal connected the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea in 1869, it's possible for cruises to split their destinations between the hot spots of the Mediterranean, such as Rome, Barcelona and Venice, and the emerging tourist destinations of the Middle East, like Sharm El Sheik. With such heavy competition in the region, it's hardly surprising that Kalamata is not a common stop for Mediterranean cruises.

Finding a Kalamata Cruise

On the flip-side, however, it is occasionally a destination port, so if you have your heart set on getting a trip to Kalamata and a cruise in the same go-around, you just need to keep your eyes open. One example is on Fred Olsen Cruise Lines, where their flagship, the Balmoral, makes an eastern Mediterranean trek that includes a stop in Kalamata, directly after stopping in Cagliari and before a stop in Piraeusm - which also includes a trip to Athens. The cruise on board the Balmoral leaves from Dover, and makes 12 stops around the Mediterranean before returning to the port of Dover, just shy of 4 weeks later.


If you decide to forgo the cruise and just spend your vacation enjoying what Kalamata alone has to offer, be aware that the harbour of Kalamata is a great place to catch a ferry. You can visit some of the local islands such as Kyrthia, with its as-yet undeveloped beaches. This island is a refreshing taste of what some of the Greek Islands may have looked like a hundred years ago. A trip to the white sands and blue waters of Kythira may be a better location for some travelers than the hustle and bustle of a typical cruise itinerary.
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