Budget Travel Ideas in Kalamata

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A popular destination among Greek holidaymakers, Kalamata remains largely undiscovered by the rest of Europe--preventing prices from spiraling as they have done on many of the Greek islands and more touristy areas of the mainland. In Kalamata, budget travelers will have no problem eating and drinking without spending a fortune. Many of the town´s key tourist attractions are free of charge, and the compact size means that budget travelers don´t need to splurge on travel.

Budget Accomodations in Kalamata

Kalamata is not established on the backpacker circuit, and there are no hostels in the town. However, stiff competition means that rooms at many of the town´s hotels are inexpensive. Avoid the area around the Marina, which tends to be pricey, and look for options in the town center or a few blocks back from the beach. Apartment rental is another cost-friendly option, and groups of friends or families will often find that renting an apartment in Kalamata delivers much more bang for their buck than hotel accommodations. Like any beach destination, there are several upscale, expensive options in the town, but generally speaking, accommodations tend to be modest and modestly priced. Guest houses are abundant here, and breakfast will often be included in the price. Look for package deals on flights and accommodation to get the most for your money. Avoid key tourist season, July to August, for the best prices. Heading to Kalamata outside of these months will also mean quieter beaches and less stifling temperatures.

Sightseeing on a Budget

Most visitors to Kalamata head here for a beach break, and it costs nothing to take a cooling dip in the calm clear waters. Lying at the foot of the Peloponesse mountains, Kalamata is also a favorite destination of walkers and outdoor enthusiasts, and walking in the mountains that surround the town is another activity that does not cost a penny. During the summer months, the heat may become too intense to enjoy a mountain hike, so head here during off-season to enjoy the great outdoors in greater comfort.

Eating and Drinking

There is no end of places to enjoy a meal and a bite to eat in Kalamata, and most are relatively inexpensive. The sheer number of bars, coffee shops, pizza joints and restaurants along the beach front means that there is always something available-- even for those on the tightest of budgets, and there are plenty of snack bars selling tasty treats such as spanikopita (pastry layered with feta cheese and spinach) for very little money. A beer or glass of wine can cost less than 2 euros, even along the beach front, and the unpretentious neighborhood bars that line the backstreets are cheaper still. The few nightclubs in Kalatama tend to be pricey, but many offer free drinks included in the price of entry. For self-caterers, the town has a couple of inexpensive supermarkets, but bear in mind that these close early on Saturdays.

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