Bars and Cafes in Kalamata

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Famous for its ouzo and its olives, Kalamata´s drinking and dining scene is largely relaxed, informal and lively. Scores of cafe bars line the beach front, while snack bars can be found on every corner, selling tasty pastries and refreshing beers and soft drinks. The small town is easily manageable on foot, and most visitors to Kalamata stroll from bar to bar and restaurant to restaurant, looking for spots that suit taste and budget.

Keeping Cool

During the heat of summer, visitors to Kalamata will find that keeping cool becomes a high priority, and the coffee bars that are dotted along the streets from the town center to the beach are a vital tool in lowering the temperature. While the more inexpensive snack bars and coffee shops are rarely air conditioned, they will usually offer at the very least a cooling fan and shade, as well as those all-important cooling drinks. The more sophisticated spots, most of which can be found on the beach front, are air conditioned, and offer comfy sofas for lounging as well as extensive food and drink menus.

Kalamata by Night

Relaxed and quiet by day, as evening falls, the bars and cafes of Kalamata begin to take on a livelier ambiance. While the town is not a hot spot for foreign tourists (it´s quite rare to hear English being spoken), Greek tourists flock here in droves, and the town is becoming increasingly popular with a young, fashionable crowd. Many of the bars and restaurants begin to throb with the sound of dance music around 10 or 11pm, and young, dressed-up locals and tourists form queues outside the ever-changing hot spots.

For those who like things a little calmer, the more traditional bars and restaurants offer quiet drinking and dining, and prices are significantly lower than in the trendier spots. Order a plate of olives (of course!) and a beer, wine or Ouzo (the local firewater - try it over ice, or with iced water for a longer, less intoxicating, drink) at a beachside table and just relax and take in the pleasant views and the cooling sea breezes. Musicians from local Romany communities may visit your table and perform traditional music - a few Euros are always very much appreciated.

Cafe Society

Once a sleepy backwater, Kalamata is increasingly growing in popularity as a tourist venue, and cafes are springing up across the town to cater for their needs. From slick cafe bars to traditonal snack bars selling sandwiches and pastries, there are plenty of spots to enjoy a drink and a bite to eat. The town center and beachfront are home to a nice mix of modern, trendy spots and traditional, unpretentious restaurants, cafes and bars, while the streets in between are awash with simple spots offering inexpensive ´plates of the day,´which are usually very good value, and a great way for budget travelers in Kalamata to fill up without breaking the bank.

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