7 Day Itinerary in Kalamata

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Kalamata is an eclectic town with a lot of character. It has expansive beaches, adventure sports activities like hiking, biking and horse riding and plenty of history and culture along with an active nightlife and a buzzing performing arts scene. The Kalamata itinerary lists a well-chalked 7-day travel schedule to help tourists crack the mystery of this mystical Greek town.

Day One: Visit Archaeological Sites

Kalamata boasts of numerous historical and well-preserved archaeological sites. Some of the famous spots that visitors can cover on the first day include Mystras,the epicenter of the Byzantine culture; the breathtakingly beautiful and intricate Nestors' Palace; the world-famous site of the earliest Olympic Games-Olympia; the labyrinth caves of Diros and the historical castle of Methoni.

Day Two: Visit the Old Town Center

Kalamata is a fascinating old town to explore. Home to an amazing array of churches and a 13th century castle with breathtaking views, the old town region of Kalamata also has dozens of shopping, dining and entertainment options along with a very busy harbor that is great for people-watching at sunset. Aristomenous Street is good for shopping and eating and the Pantazopouleio Cultural Center showcases several exhibitions and cultural events throughout the year.

Day Three: Water Day

Kalamata, being a beach town, offers its visitors several fun activities like fishing, sailing and windsurfing. Snorkeling or scuba-diving in the crystal-clear waters is also an option for the more adventurous.

Day Four: Don your Walking Shoes    

During spring Kalamata attracts many walkers and hikers and if you happen to be one of those visitors who possesses an innately exploratory streak, don your walking shoes and head to the beautiful countryside and secluded hamlets around Kalamata. Taygetos, the roof of the town, is a superb place for mountain climbing and trekking. The trail features an unpredictable topography like slopes, breath-taking canyons and unexplored caves, which makes the hike extremely thrilling.

Day Five: Devoted to Nature

Horse riding, cycling and bird watching are some of the other activities visitors can enjoy in Kalamata. In addition to walking and hiking, energetic bike riding is another attractive option. Kalamata also has a wide variety of attractive plants and wildflowers for the nature enthusiast. The woody coastal plains of Mani are great for bird watching and admiring nature.

Day Six: Old is Gold

Head to the Benakei Archeological Museum at Papazoglou 6 - a splendid Venetian-style structure erected in the 18th century. The museum exhibits a mosaic of fascinating archeological discoveries, which include artifacts that depict the religious scenes of Bacchus. The Municipal Library, located at Papazoglou 5, stores art works donated after the Kalamata earthquake in 1986.

Day Seven: Visit Crete

A visit to Kalamata would not be complete without a day trip to Crete with a regular ferry service leaving from the port at Kalamata.    

Kalamata is thus an ideal hot spot for enthusiastic vacationers who are in love with the 3’s – sun, sand and the sea. Nature lovers and adventure trekkers can also have a nice time exploring the flora and fauna along with the region’s intimidating paths.




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