Halkidiki Travel Guide

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In southern central Macedonia lies the Halkidiki peninsula, 69km south-east of the northern port city of Thessaloniki, between the Thermaikos and Strimonikos gulfs.

This area extends out over 3000 square km, eventually forming the three famous peninsulas, like fingers stretching out into the Aegean Sea. The western peninsula is Kassandra, Sithonia (or Loggos) lies in the middle and Athos (Agio Oros) is the easternmost of the three. A blessed place of extraordinary beauty, as the sea curves into the land, unique in Greece.

As always in Greece, mythology and history intricately entwine. This is where the battle between the giants and the Olympian gods took place. Here in the west of Halkidiki is the ancient site of Flegra (Pallini) where Egelados, the earthquake giant, is buried. This is where Athos was reformed by the rock that the giant Athos threw at the Gods. And Sithonia is named after Sithon, son of Poseidon.

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