Beaches in Crete

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Crete is an intoxicating mix of a breathtakingly beautiful landscape and an exotic civilization that has lured tourists for ages. Here's some helpful information on the beaches of this fabulous tourist hotspot.


Crete is a wonderful mesh of trendy beaches energetically bustling with activity and quiet secluded beaches. Visitors have ample opportunity to go on a beach discovery escapade and find virginal coasts in the quiet corners of the town. Few coastal resorts can boast of the eclectic beach identity of Crete. The most attractive beaches are situated on the southern end of the Rethimnon prefecture and can be accessed only by foot and that is precisely where the charm of these beaches lie. They aren’t just overtly touristy destinations that one comes to view as part of a mechanical sightseeing process through a conventional mode of transport. The beauty of Crete’s beaches are in discovering them naturally and the true joy here is the journey through the numerous quaint and historically rich paths of Crete. Witness a bevy of ancient ruins, medieval excavation sites, old monasteries , Neolithic tombs and historical mountains while you meander aimlessly in search of the famous and not so famous beaches of Crepe.

Vai and Elunda

Visitors with a predilection for noisy and happening beaches that are hip in countenance can head straight to Vai and Elunda. Both these coastal hotspots attract the young, night party brigade and boisterous beach revelers. Hersonnisos is for true-blue  party enthusiasts  that love to live it up till the wee hours of morning.


For visitors preferring a more unruffled experience, try Erimounpoli or the brilliantly shrouded Kouremenos. Other good options for a tranquil beach-side relaxation include Preveli and Elafonisi. Falassarna was a nice untouched beach a few years ago but has suddenly become a quintessentially tourist destination with columns of umbrellas gracing the sands of the beach.


Visitors wanting  to add a slice of history to their beach outing can try Matala, an interesting option for its striking cave tombs that overlook the serene blue waters. The quiet beaches clique also includes Makrygialos and Myrtos, while Chiona, Xerokampos and Diasari are caught somewhere in between the furiously paced and charmingly sedated.

Crete is a fabulous natural creation of picturesque beaches and abundant ancient historical legacy to go with it.

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