Top 5 Must Do's in Athens

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Athens is one of the world's oldest cities, and capital of Greece. You will find that, while choosing the most important things to do and see, you are troubled with the fact that so many are so important that one needs an abundance of time to discover all of them. However, these are the top 5 things that you should put on your to-do list whether you have a week or a year to experience the city:

5. Theater of Dionysus - This ancient theater sits at the foot of the Acropolis and was dedicated to the god Dionysus. It was built around 325 BCE and held between 14,000-17,000 guests, though you can hardly tell the massiveness today. The remains were renovated by the Romans and those are the ruins that you see today.

4. National Archaeological Museum - This is one of the most important and popular museums of the world. It houses some of the oldest artifacts found in Greece. Just a few of the sections in the museum are the Prehistoric collection, sculptures, metallurgy and Egyptian art. Admission to the museum is around $10.

3. The Byzantine and Christian Museum - This museum is so important because the Byzantines and Christians had a monstrous impact on all that Greece is today. The museum houses frescoes, pictures, pottery, fabrics and many other art mediums. The museum was founded in 1914 but went under some major renovation, including the addition of a new wing, and re-opened in time for the 2004 Olympics. The entrance fee is around $9.

2. Acropolis - The Acropolis is a large, raised plateau of rock that juts upwards from the cityscape of Athens. It is where many of the most important ruins of Greece are located. The Parthenon, Propylaea, Erechtheum and many other historical ruins sit atop the Parthenon. All of the valuable artifacts that were found at the Acropolis can now be found at the Acropolis museum, located close to the site itself. 

1. Parthenon - Though the Parthenon sits on the Acropolis, this is not just something you can view from afar like the Acropolis. It may be massive, but you must venture atop the Acropolis to feel the real majesty of the Parthenon. A hotly debated topic is that the Greek Ministry of Culture are planning to restore and reconstruct the ancient ruin. It was built in the 5th century BCE and is a mainstay of Classical Greece and mythology enthusiasts, as it was built for the goddess Athena.

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Ancient Agora

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The old city centre of the city includes some the most amazing ancient ruins that have ever been discovered. They include: THE STOA OF ATTOLOS is an ancient massive stoa an the eastern end of the agoa near the entrance. The building was destroyed by an earthquake during the middle ages and was re-built by the american school of archeology. The Stoa of Attolos now serves as a museum. TEMPLE OF HEPHAISTAUS is the best preserved ancient greek temple in the world. It was built in 478 BC as a temple for the god of wine, Hephaistaus. It was used as a church in the Byzantine period and more..

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