Shopping in Athens

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When you think of Athens, Greece it usually draws up images of the ancient Olympics, ruins, and beautiful architectural wonders. Most people don’t think of crowded market places with different shops and street vendors offering their own Grecian treasures. This, however, is exactly what you’ll find if you venture into the different shopping areas of Athens.

Downtown Athens

The downtown area is completely closed to traffic opening up the streets to shops, vendors and shoppers. If you can imagine the shop, downtown probably has it. The street merchants sell thing like scarves, handy cooking devices, clothing and handmade jewelry. The thing about Downtown Athens is that the shops try to make competition. If you’re looking for clothing shops you would go to one district; if you’re looking for food supplies there’s a district for that as well. This is great for buyers because they can go up and down the particular districts to find the best price for anything they’re looking for. 

Ermou Street

One of the best kinds of shopping experiences you can find is for clothing. You’ll find that on Ermou Street. There, the shops range from high price international apparel stores to quaint casual clothing shops. You can also find all sorts of souvenir shirts that are particular to that area. There are also fabric and dress making supply shops around that area.


This part of Athens seems to be the place for art vendors. You can find fine Grecian art, nice prints and modern paintings. There are also jewelry vendors that have their own handmade jewelry and some tacky factory made products. You can find a lot of leather works places where the leather artists sell their handmade products.  It is a very popular tourist destination so be careful when buying crafts to make sure that they’re not mass produced factory pieces.

Central Market

This might be one of the most important places to visit as a tourist but it is a lot of fun. Central Market is a great food market with merchants that sell a wide variety of fresh food items. The fish market is expansive with just about every sea creature on display; the meat market is about as big with just as many options. You can also find fruits and nuts to bring home. You can also get some of the best Greek spices, cheeses, and baked goods here and it can be an interesting experience to see how the locals dine.

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