Getting Around in Athens

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Athens's public transport system consists of buses, trolleys, metros and taxis. The bus tickets and the trolley car tickets are interchangeable. Taking the metro, which operates from 05:30 until 24:00, is definitely a better option than going by car or getting yourself stuffed in a way too crowded bus. Even though the buses may be crowded sometimes they are airconditioned and they take you closer to your destnation. The subway(metro) is NOT airconditioned. You will find the taxis the cheapest in the world!! A distance of 4 miles will cost you $5.00 while the same distance in New York will cost you more than $40.00!!!! The bus and trolley fare is .60c while the subway(metro) is .90c!!!  The metro system is now fully operational. In order to reduce the serious effects of air-pollution, the government hopes that a well organised metro system will convince the residents of leaving their cars at home. It is estimated that the total number of daily automobile trips in Athens will be reduced by 250,000 when the Metro is fully operational. This will result, hopefully, in a 35% decrease of toxic emissions. As a result, Athens will become a more 'livable' city.
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