Budget Travel Ideas in Athens

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Athens is not only the capital of Greece but also one of the oldest cities in the world with recorded history dating back some 3,400 years. Athens is an immensely diverse city and it will be no problem for you to find whichever types of activities and accommodation you desire. Greek culture can be seen throughout the entire city of Athens from the scent of the gyros to the sound of traditional music and dances.

Things to Do

Many of the ancient sites charge an admission fee to see the site close-up, but you can see some of the sites without paying if you are happy looking at them from a distance. The Acropolis charges admission but it can be seen from just about any point in the city. A good place to start is Syntagma Square where you can watch the changing of the guards. You can walk along popular streets and side streets as well as in areas of old neighborhoods such as Plakai.

Where to Stay

Numerous hostels are available all over Athens, and these will definitely be the most affordable accommodations. The Athens House Hostel boasts one of the lowest-price accommodations in Athens and a great location, putting both the Archeological Museum and the Acropolis in short walking distance. Prices start at $15 per person per night in a dorm room of 3 or 4 beds. A bit more expensive, though popular among tourists, is the Athenstyle hostel with a view of the Acropolis and an included breakfast. Prices start at around $30 per person per night in a 6-bed dorm room but single rooms are available for only $70 per night.

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