Beaches in Antiparos

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Antiparos Island is known for its attractive beaches and peaceful environment. You can discover these beautiful beaches by car or by boat. The crystal clear, green and blue waters make it almost impossible for you to stay dry any time of the day or night. Make sure you take the time to really discover and enjoy the beaches of Antiparos Island.

Glifa Beach

The beautiful Glifa Beach is located in a rural setting. This gorgeous setting gives it an unspoiled look and offers nice views of the island of Paros. The southern beaches have great trees that provide shade in the warm afternoons. Glifa is a tranquil beach and it is ideal for families.

Panagia Beach

Among the best features of Panagia beach is its peaceful atmosphere. In fact, Panagia beach will become nearly deserted in the afternoon when the sunshine get stronger. The beach has big trees that provide nice shade. Panagia beach is perfect for swimming and if you are in need of a little privacy you could not visit a better beach.

Soros Beach

The beach of Soros is on the south-west coast of Antiparos Island. It offers wonderful trees that provide much needed shade during the warm afternoons. The beaches blue crystalline waters are great for wading and swimming. Along the beach there are two taverns that can fulfill the basic needs of the visitors. This beach is very laid back and is sparsely populated.

Psaralyki Beach

Psaraliki beach on Antiparos island is actually made up of two beaches. Both beaches are the most easily accessed on the island. Both these beaches are close to Paros. The waves are small due to the layout of these beaches making it a great place for families with small children. The shade coming from the trees will make for a great place for picnics. These beaches tend to be where you will find the most tourists. There is a place to rent pedal boats and space for volleyball and windsurfing. The less populated part of the beach is regularly populated with nudists although non-nudists can be found here. This is an important fact to remember when planning a vacation with small children. This beach has clear areas swimming and snorkeling that are very good.

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