Ammoudia Travel Guide

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  Ammoudia is a small village, located in the west coast of Ionian sea.It's a small paradise for those that love nature, known because of Acheron river that used to be the leader to netherworld.
   Following Acheron you will reach to ancient Nekromanteion.It's a great monument of ancient Greek world where people were going in aim to communicate with souls.A boat trip to Acheron gives the opportunity of admiring a variety of seldom kinds of biota protected from "Natura 2000".
   One of Ammoudia's basic point is the big, sandy beach that covers all village's land and its shallows make it safe even for young children.The whole village is like a picture where are dominated the colors of green and blue.
    Around Ammoudia are lots of historical and mythological monuments.The combination of tradition and nature adds to the area's familiar atmosphere a mystical sense that spirits Homer's description.
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