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Aegina Town - Winter 2006

Aegina Town - Winter 2006

Imagine yourself in Athens standing on the Acropolis and looking into the direction of the sea. What do you see on a clear day? It\'s the island of Aegina, a popular destination with both travellers and locals from the mainland.

The islands has, besides stunning scenery, beaches and charming fishing towns, several interesting historical spots. The most important archeological site is on the eastern site of the island, the Temple of Aphaia, because of het unfamiliarity replaced by Athena. Just a few kilometres from the main port, one can visit the abandoned city of Palaiohora, once the capital of the island.

These days Aegina is also better known as the pistachio and ceramics paradise. It can be reached within an hour by \'flying dolphin\' and ferry from Athens.


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