Getting There in Europe

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Europe can be reached by surface transport from Africa and Asia. Getting there from the other continents involves flying.


Europe has lot's of airconnections with all the other continents, except for Antarctica. Indeed, for some connections from Asia to the America's it makes sense to pick up a flight to Europe and then head on. London, Paris, Amsterdam and the bigger German cities have competitive markets for cheap flights. Return Flights to North America (mostly New York) can be had for under 250 Euro. The rest of the world has some excellent connections too.

Note that the cheapest flight tend to use cheapish Eastern European Airlines. Most of them are ok, but connections tend to be unpractical - although if you pay attention you can get a free hotel night thrown in.


Asia and Europe share the longest continent border of the planet, though most people will cross from/to Asia in Istanbul, where a bridge spans the gap between the continent. Taking the transiberian express is another possiblity. From Greece there are boats to Turkey, Cyprus, Israel, Syria and Libanon.

To Africa the most used route is without doubt the crossing of the Street of Gibraltar, which is easily done, but there are also ships between France and Algeria and from Italy to Tunis, Lybia and Egypt.

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Mediterranean Cruises

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to travel in the Mediterranean, visiting all major cities and coastal shipping europeee south, Arab and North African, the ideal is a cruise.

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