Rail Passes and Tickets

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Train travel is one of the best ways to get around Europe.

It is fast, easy, relaxing and convenient. There are a wide selection of rail passes for travel  within a country and between  countries and  city-to-city tickets to suit every itinerary and budget.

Passes are available for students & youth, 2 or more people traveling together  and  solo travelers.There are passes for European residents and for non-Europeans.

Inter-rail pass this is for European residents, with this pass you can travel through 30 countries or pick a one country pass and travel all over the country.There are passes for youth,adult and child,available for 1st class and 2nd class travel . A youth pass is valid only for 2nd class travel,however,you can purchase an adult pass if you fancy traveling by 1st class.There are two kinds of passes-inter-rail global pass that enables you to travel through 30 countries across Europe and inter-rail one country pass for trips through out one country.You can choose the number of days that you wish to use the pass and travel freely within the validity period of the pass.European residents can travel through out the day  with this pass hoping on and off trains.

Eu-rail pass  this pass is for non-Europeans,valid for travel through 22 countries,this is actually a very good pass to have if you wish to see a few countries.The types of passes to choose from- Eu-rail global pass and the continuous pass.Pick a pass according to the number of days you wish to travel and how often you wish to travel.There are passes from 5 days-3 months.The global pass is valid for travel, 10 days or 15 days within a two month period.You pick the number of days,a 10 day pass will cost less and you can travel any 10 days in that two month period.Eurail global pass is also available as select pass ,valid for 5-15 days of travel within 3-5 countries,regional pass,valid for4-10 days travel between 2 countries and a one country pass, valid for travel from 3-10 days within a country.

With a continuous pass you travel either daily or within the number of days your pass is valid for, either 10 days or 15 days.Passes can be bought for youth,adult and family.One travel day on a pass is 24 hours.If your only traveling through one country,you might consider the one country pass or if you travel point-point between two countries a ticket might be a cheaper option.

Validate your pass at any station before boarding the train or it won't be valid for travel.Remember too, that some trains require a prior reservation along with your pass,this can be done at the station or on-line.These passes are also valid on some buses,ferries and even a few museums offer a discount to pass holders.Passes are usually purchased/ordered before leaving home for a trip abroad. For more details on passes and tickets check out the websites of www.eurail.com and www.raileurope.com

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