Car Rental Europe

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Car rental in Europe would be the recommended mode of transport. It gives you the flexibility and the roads are excellent in most European countries.  Do look for speeding or driving under influence as this is a major offense in all European countries.

All of the major car rental agencies are available throughout Europe including Hertz, Avis, Alamo, National and more.  Europcar and Sixt are also reliable vendors.  All of these have locations throughout any of the countries you are travelling so one-way trips are possible.  In fact, they are encouraged!  It is one of the best ways to reach those out of the way places that provide stories to tell for years to come.  You may find cars available for less than 100 euro per week in Spain but some Scandanavian counties can be very expensive for car hire. Have a look at for good car hire rates in all European cities.  You may also find good discounts from your membership programs like frequent flyers, unions, associations, clubs and more - many of which are cataloged on sites like

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