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Albrechtsburg, Meissen

Albrechtsburg, Meissen

Meissen in Saxony is famous as a producer of parcelain and wine. With a history dating back more than a thousand years, Meissen is also known as the "cradle" of Saxony. That the town is worthy of such a name is clearly seen in its buildings - records of stone which bear witness to the different epochs of not only Saxon history but also the history of the Holy Roman Empire with Germany at its centre.

The main sights in town are the Albrechtsburg Castle and Meissen Cathedral on the hill above the town. With the romantic silhouette of the roofs of the Old Town below it, the hill offers a magnificent panorama and has become a favourite subject for photographers from the banks of the Elbe.

Meissen is also a good starting point for taking a trip along the Saxon wine road. Saxony is one of Europes northernmost wine producing areas and especially the white wines are not bad.


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