Day Trips in Dresden

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The Elbe meanders through Dresden over a length of 25 kilometres. The charming riverside landscapes with their hillsides and meadows, though at the same time also the fortunate synthesis of architecture and nature, have enchanted the people of Dresden, as well as visitors to the City, for centuries.

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A stroll along the River Elbe

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A short 20 minutes walk from the busy City centre we come to the Ostragehege Fields in the Altstadt bend in the river. Avenues lined with poplars and endless meadows are the ideal setting for peaceful walks. From the banks of the river you can look across to the districts of Pieschen and Übigau. The slaughter-house complex built by Hans Erlwein between 1906 and 1913 blends unobtrusively into the landscape. Dresden's "emerald isle" is bordered to the west by the Alberthafen port.

There are fewer trees, but nonetheless an abundance of meadows on the Neustadt bank of the more..

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